The Band

Tony Martin: Lead Vocals

Tony sang and played Hammond B3 Organ with a blues band called the MBT Blues Review in the early 80’s.  Tony then toured with the UK band Safety Valve in the 80’s, singing and playing keyboards.   When Tony returned to the states, he played Keyboards and did vocals with the Reggae Band Identity.  Tony Left the band to pursue an education where he earned a BS and MS degree from IU.  Tony had to take a 20-year hiatus from music due to work and family engagements.  Tony has been employed in the IT industry for 21 years and met Malone and Vince Stewart, with whom he co-founded Soul Flyer.  Tony was really excited to get back into music when he Malone and Vince Stewart started jamming and then decided to form Soul Flyer, as a dedication to Malone’s son John.

Vince Stewart: Drums

I started playing drums at the age of 10 taking lessons from a local professional drummer Preston Ewing. A couple years later was in my first band The Knights with 3 other school friends which lasted a couple years. Soon after in the middle 60’s the lead guitar player and myself started a band called The Mystic Frog which lasted for several years. Played in the junior high band and continued to play into high school. Stopped playing for a short 35 years and picked drumming back up. Glad I did. Now in our great band Soul Flyer for the last 5 or 6 years. Hope it lasts for a long time.

Jimmy (Jamer) Nowlan – Guitar and vocals

Schooled at Ohio State, Jimmy has been playing music since the age of five.
After a long list of instruments, and seeing the Beatles, he settled on the guitar.
Being a real fan of the whole note, Jimmy uses his understanding of music and
his control of the guitar to allow him to bring wonderful melodies and
controlled shred. 
After school he toured with a verity of bands and ended up in San Diego.
For the next 30 yrs. he continued to play in a band and starting teaching.
Now in the Indianapolis area he is still making music.
It’s all about the love!Jamer

Malone: Bass and vocals

I grew up listening to Motown and oldies music on WLS from Chicago. Also from Wowo radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The bass always kept the song driving and stood out for me. I started to play bass when I was around 15 but quickly set it aside. I picked it up again in the late 80’s and played in a band called Bad Cop no Donut for around 5 years. Then I took another 10 year hiatus. In the late 90’s I played with Viagra Falls, Trigger Happy and Damit Jim. Vince, Tony and I started Soul Flyer to honor my son around 2014. Looking forward to many more years with this group.

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